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Daily Fantasy Basketball Analysis - Pre-Draft & Free Agents

This daily fantasy basketball analysis predicts how the daily fantasy basketball landscape will change. Part 1 - 2014 NBA Draft Part 2 - Free Agents   With the NBA Draft coming up on Thursday, a favorite pastime of fans and experts everywhere is predicting where...
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NBA Finals Preview - Heat vs Spurs

This NBA Finals Preview details of one of the most anticipated NBA Finals matchups in recent memory. It’s the first NBA Finals rematch since the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz faced each other in consecutive years. This one has a much different feel though, as the two-time...
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nba playoffs analysis

NBA Playoffs Analysis - Why the Spurs are Fine

Full disclosure here, I’ve been a San Antonio Spurs fan for as long as I can remember. There isn’t a franchise in sports that I follow more closely than the Spurs. Starting at the top with Peter Holt and R.C. Buford, down to deep bench players such as Jeff Ayres and...
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nba playoff preview

NBA Playoff Preview: Round 2

It’s with a heavy heart that I begin this NBA Playoff Preview for Round 2. My team all season long was the Toronto Raptors, and not only did they lose in the first round, they did so in a dramatic, heartbreaking fashion. I’m still picking up the pieces to be honest,...
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nba playoff preview

NBA Playoff Preview

This NBA playoff preview is sure to offer up a few controversial opinions! The NBA playoffs are upon us, and it’s time to breakdown the matchups with this NBA playoff preview. There are a few matchups that I think the public are grossly underestimating, and this NBA playoff...
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five nba tips

Five NBA Tips For The Last Day

Use these five NBA tips for the last day of the regular season and you just might come out alive! I started my day just like any other. Pen and paper by my side, I began looking at each and every matchup for the evening. About four matchups in I began to realize that my usual...
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Fantasy basketball is a game dominated by the statistics that don’t show up in the box score.

The game itself is fluid, and the matchups are constantly changing throughout the contest. It’s a fantasy sport where having an inside knowledge of each team and how they match up against their current opponent can pay dividends.

The problem is, with yearly fantasy sports it’s impossible to maximize this value on a daily basis! You play your studs night in night out, and the only decisions you have are between mediocre mid-range players. Don’t you wish you could stack your lineup with all the big name studs in the best matchups every night?

Now you can!

Enter daily fantasy basketball. With an 82 game season plus the playoffs, that’s over six months of chances to draft a unique and entirely different daily fantasy basketball team! No more losing to your opponent because his top options had more games played in a week, or because all his studs had cakewalk matchups. Now you’re on even footing with the competition, and have a chance to gain a nightly leg up with superior daily fantasy basketball research and analysis at FantasySportsLive.

Daily fantasy basketball also gives you the opportunity to customize your fantasy basketball experience with loads of features that put you in the driver’s seat. You can enter as many contests per night as you like, at any buy-in level offered. We have constest sizes ranging from two players to hundreds of entries. Watch your teams perform against the field with our live scoring page, and even swap out any late scratches. You’ll feel like you’re on the sideline calling the shots!

Reward yourself for all the hard work you put into keeping up with the NBA on a daily basis. Gain access to the entire player pool every night, turn your daily fantasy basketball knowledge into cold hard cash!

Use the daily fantasy basketball strategy articles above to gain the maximum edge over the competition. The Fantasy Sports Live strategy articles are updated regularly so be sure to check back often for top daily fantasy basketball picks.