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DraftDay Leagues offer a unique and customizable fantasy experience!

DraftDay-Leagues-Join-nowI discovered something amazing a few days ago, and I couldn’t wait share it with all of you! If you haven’t guessed it yet by the name of the article, I’m talking of course about DraftDay Leagues. If you’re like me you might have had no idea they existed, but once I learned of them I became instantly excited. DraftDay Leagues offer a comprehensive experience unlike anything else in the daily fantasy sports industry. They’re perfect for managing contests against family, friends, or a specific group of opponents. There’s a filterable leaderboard, customizable game creation, and a Fightin’ Words board so you can talk some smack with your fellow leaguemates!

If I stopped there it would still be plenty exciting, but I’ve got more.

Without further ado I’d like to introduce the FantasySportsLive League! We at FSL were far too impressed by this feature to not utilize it, and we’ve decided to bring back a fan favorite to pair with this revolutionary daily fantasy creation.

That’s right, my Five Guys games are back, and this time they’re better than ever with the help of DraftDay Leagues!

For those who weren’t a part of the first go-round, the Five Guys contests break down like this. Monday through Friday there’s a Five Guys double-up game. As with normal double-ups, 50% of the field make twice their entry fee back. But that’s where things get interesting. The top five participants in each of these Five Guys double-ups are entered into a weekly freeroll on Saturday, where the top five finishers win kickass prizes!

I want to see if you have what it takes to become one of my Five Guys! I’ll be gunning for all of you in these games as well, so join now and let’s commence this epic battle!

Click here to join the FantasySportsLive League now!

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